End of the regular season

Now that the season is pretty much over and everything is decided – bar the baraj, the play-off to determine whether a third team goes up from the second division, and if so which one – let’s take a look at the final league tables and chew it over.

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is a Romanian word meaning a fixed match. Apparently it is also used in Russian, with a wider meaning encompassing all kinds of enchufe – doing things by connections. It could come either from Yiddish or Polish. Apparently.

This week the big Liga 2 news is of unprecedented punishments meted out for match-fixing in Romania’s second tier. Continue reading


Although I won’t necessarily be blogging regularly with up-to-the-minute news and reaction – I’m not a machine, y’know – I am building up other sections of the site. The latest entry in the section on interesting historic clubs is now up: it’s the tortuous tale of Bucharest’s very own Juventus.

Every time I go to a match I’ll continue to write up my hazy recollections a week, a month or a year later, just to let you know ‘I was there‘. My latest match was (hopefully) the last Rapid home game of the season. Promotion or bust – literally, of course.

Patrick Ekeng

Dinamo Bucuresti’s Cameroonian international midfielder Patrick Ekeng died suddenly during a Liga I match on Friday evening, at the age of 26. Ekeng had been on the field for only seven minutes as a substitute, when he collapsed with nobody near him.

The game was stopped immediately and medics ran to Ekeng’s aid. Within three minutes he was in an ambulance and being taken to the Floreasca Emergency Hospital, next door to the Dinamo stadium where the game was being played. Doctors attempted to resuscitate the player for over an hour, but were unsuccessful.

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