Update: This blog is no longer updated. I am currently experimenting in a new setting at koballs.wordpress.com.

This is a collection of writings about various aspects of Romanian football. I’m mainly interested in the history, especially from the inter-war period, but I can be tempted to digress onto more current topics – although I almost never watch football on TV. God, if life weren’t so short…

I am an Englishman living in Bucharest, and so my interests are biased in several directions. I am a Rapid Bucharest fan, to a fairly limited extent, especially now they find themselves reforming in the (even more) amateur leagues. My Romanian is not great to be honest, and I find newspaper reports particularly difficult to read, partly because of Romanians’ natural fondness for abstract nouns and over-complicated clauses. So not my fault then.

Expect gently biased, ill-informed comment on things I have only recently learned about. Great. Right? Keep reading!

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  1. Good luck with your site. I really enjoyed it and will look for more posts.
    I follow FC Voluntari as my daughter lives right next to the stadium and I have been a couple of times when there was a match whilst visiting. It is interesting to note the differences between the Premier division in Romania and the Premiership and Championship in England. Goodness, what a contrast in money available. My “home” team, Hull City, have been promoted to the Premiership again and it looks like their financial rewards will total around £200,000,000. Yes two hundred million, and maybe more. Obscene really!!
    Best wishes


      • Many thanks for your reply and appreciate the effort – I think it’s Dorinel Munteanu though! Did a lot of watching the highlights and ruling people out via the Romanian commentary and had it down to Timofte or Munteanu, and when Michael Klein wins the penalty you can see the number 11 going to grab the ball off him, and he’s significantly shorter than Klein, which rules out Timofte (or Sandoi) if Wiki’s height info is to be believed. At 5 foot 6, Munteanu seems the only candidate! The reason I wanted to know is that I just came into possession of this amazing shirt from the game: http://www.theglobalobsession.com/2019/09/romania.html


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