I was there…

I’ve tended to write these from a week to several months after the event, using the internet for research and highlights, so it’s usually an unholy mish-mash of the impressionistic and the meticulously researched. I’ve tried to check details with the people I was with, but it’s all necessarily a personal response. Mind you, if it seems hard to believe that I know so much about some of the players/clubs and so little about everything else, that’s almost certainly because I’ve just looked it up online and got bogged down in individual careers or whatever. Live with it: I have to.

Rapid – Progresul 1944 Spartac (Liga III, 2018)

Academia Rapid – FC Singureni (Liga IV: promotion play-off, 2018)

Academia Rapid – CSA Steaua (Liga IV: final play-off match, 2018)

Academia Rapid – Romprim (Liga IV, 2018)

Metaloglobus – Dunărea Călărași (Liga II, 2018)

Voluntari – Concordia Chiajna (Liga I, 2018)

CSA Steaua – Academia Rapid (Liga IV, 2018)

Frumoşii Nebuni ai Giuleştiului – VK Soccer (Liga V, 2018)

Concordia Chiajna – Botoșani (Liga I, 2017)

Voluntari – CFR Cluj (Liga I, 2017)

Handball! October 2017

Academia Rapid – CSA Steaua (Liga IV, 2017)

Metaloglobus – ASA Targu Mures (Liga II, 2017)

Romania – Armenia (World Cup qualifier, 2017)

Academia Rapid – CS Dinamo (Liga IV, 2017)

Academia Rapid – CS Progresul 2005 (Liga IV, 2017)

FCSB – Sporting Lisbon (Champions League, 2017)

Dinamo – FCSB (Liga I, 2017)

FCSB – Dinamo (Liga I, 2017)

Juventus – Sepsi (Liga II, 2017)

Dinamo – Astra (Liga I, 2016)

Voluntari – ASA Targu Mures (Liga I, 2016)

AFC Rapid – SSC Rapid Baneasa (Liga V, 2016)

Romania – Georgia (friendly, 2016)

Rapid – Clinceni (Liga II, 2016)

Rapid – Braila (Liga II, 2016)

Rapid – Dunarea Calarasi (Liga II, 2016)

Rapid – Farul Constanta (Liga II, 2016)

Steaua – Rapid (Liga I, 2015)

Voluntari – Academica Arges (Liga II, 2015)

Rapid – Dinamo (Liga I, 2014)